Saturday, 7 November 2009

A terrible thing has happened...

My hard drive has passed away and taken a weeks worth of work with it and very many photos. I could cry and stamp my feet about it but I like to think I'm a positive person and am focusing on what I can do about it and (trying!) not to feel sorry for myself! My agent is just about to go on a trip to the states and luckily I'd got all my new designs printed out ready for that so at least I have physical copies of'll be a case of recreating them from my printouts but it could have been a lot worse.

It's all my photos I'll miss...I luckily still have loads on my camera (including my sister's wedding, thankfully!) and other important ones I have passed on to friends so can get copies of them back.

Although I back up regularly I only back my work up as that seems like the most important as that's what my computer is for so I feel stupid for not backing my photos up. It's quite worrying really how much of your life is stored away on a little machine! Let's go back to the old days of 35mm and sending your film off to truprint!!

Luckily I had a two year warranty with my macbook (thank you John Lewis!) so can get a new hard drive without forking out for it but there may not be any posts for a while! Looks like I'll be getting my pencil's out while my mac is in hospital...not a bad thing!

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