Monday, 22 March 2010

A change in the weather

Finally we've startedto see a little bit of sunshine and the heating doesn't have to be on quite as much (if at all) Hurrah! Spring is here! Here's a couple of positively spring like designs I did last week. Feels good to have a break from Santa and the snowflakes that come with him!


Sarah Wade said...

great blog! defiantly adding this to my daily reads!

Charlene said...

Oh I love this blog, so bright colorful and happy, and that baby suit in the blog spot below is to die for. Hi I'm Charlene, I'm your latest blog follower and I love all things cute and Etsy. Hope you visit me:

Charlene said...

...I thought I'd let your know, I featured the baby outfit on my blog with a link back to cute!!

Jessicat said...

Really lovely blog to view! I love the birthday card.
I new to blogs but I hope you check mine out, just getting started! :


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