Friday, 16 April 2010

For those of you who loved Sweet Valley High!

My friend Jem tweeted me yesterday with a link to a brilliant blog The Dairi Burger If you ever read SVH books when you were younger and now realise just how hilarious they actually were, you will love it.

I'm worried I won't be getting much work done as I trawl through the archives and read it all!

Hearing about this blog reminded me of a quick project I did at uni where I redesigned a SVH book jacket...very embarrassing now but here's my take on Elizabeth and Jessica.

Jessica is the one with the hoop earrings because she was so much cooler! Hahahah!

1 comment:

Savoir Weddings said...

Oh my god Sweet Valley High! I read these religiously way beyond an appropriate age! Love your take on the twins.


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