Friday, 28 May 2010

Mr Hanks

I'm a massive fan of Hello Lucky and today whilst browsing their gorgeous blog I came across this AMAZING card.

I blummin' love Tom Hanks (I've even toyed with the idea of having a 'Big' themed hen do, you know, dress up in massive suits and buy a trampoline, that sort of thing!)

The card is by Blue Barnhouse, I LOVE!

Image from Hello Lucky


Lucy Joy said...

brilliant!! i love it!

monda-loves said...

I'm also a love of Mr Hanks - my fave film of all time is BIG - I must have seen it about 50 times.
T.hanks (sorry) for sharing this.


My Owl Barn said...

This is awesome! I love Tom Hanks, too. Have a great day!


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