Friday, 25 June 2010

Glastonbury memories

I'm not going to Glastonbury this year. Instead I'm sat working, listening to Jo Whiley on Radio 1 doing an excellent job at reporting from Worthy Farm. I love going to Glastonbury, it's hard work when you're there but worth it to be part of such a special weekend.

I'm not a negative person but I'm hoping that if I focus on the negatives (the crowds, people walking too slowly, the toilets, the back ache, not getting woken up with a cup of tea by my bed in a real mug) it will take away the nagging feeling I've got that I'm missing out and it's the worst thing that could happen!!

This photo was taken just before Arcade Fire came on in 2007 - it couldn't have been a more perfect setting for one of my most memorable gigs. It was a very special evening being surrounded by my best friends and watching such an exciting and atmospheric band that we all loved. (I even got my face on the big screen!)

Apologies for photo quality - I just raided my facebook albums!

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pocketful of patterns said...

HaHa...funny you should post this; have you read this on yahoo today:

...may help even more! ;)


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