Friday, 6 August 2010

Let's think about penguins

Oh it's been a busy time lately, have been working hard for a trip my agent is about to go on and have combined this with a touch of wedding planning. My aim is get everything decoration wise made and sorted by September so I have 6 hopefully relatively stress free weeks in the run up to the wedding...although we still need to get David's suit - uh oh!

I can't think about that now, let's think about penguins. How I love to draw penguins, it's probably my most favourite part of my job. They always manage to cheer me up.


monda-loves said...

I like your penguins. Being self employed and wedding planning do not go together at all (I read your tweet) as you spend too much time wedding planning and not enough time earning the money to pay for said wedding - still, we will both have lovely weddings won't we!


Rachel Harper said...

We will have lovely weddings, it'll all be worth it! We can always work, we won't always be planning a wedding.

Luckily we've just been given an allotment so we'll be living the good life next year anyway! (read your tweet, keep applying for yours)


Lucy Joy said...

lovely penguin!! hope he finds a nice suit! :) x

Vixen lily said...

such a cute and colourful little guy!


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