Friday, 24 September 2010

The day I got a signed photo of George Lamb

My hen do was fantastic. Ria did an absolutely amazing job of organising it (she did me very very proud) and I had an amazing time. It included:
Origami and lots of paper craft decorations (my fave), burgers, hairspray, quiffs, hair grips, curly fries, mojitos, ice cream, Grease, the world's smallest cinema, red lipstick, rain hats, Cava, petticoats, pencil skirts, neck scarves, black eyeliner, thai food, free bubbly, Jam Cafe, happy tears, lager, music, popcorn, Boosts (I got two), very beautiful L plates, an apron, The Broadway, Tom Collins, sore feet, street pastors, The Orange Tree, cod bites, swollen feet, Rescue Rooms and very very amazing friends. Oh and did I mention I got a signed photograph from George Lamb?

Here's a few pics:

Beautiful origami skills by Ria

Designed and made by Christina - how brilliant!

Goodie bags (they had Boosts in them)

The lovely Lucy who did 18 1950's hairstyles in a couple of hours - she is very very talented. Beth did the sign, Ria painted the ladies.

I love to spin in a full skirt - ever the lady with a pint of lager!


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