Thursday 19 August 2010

The organised penguin

I've just come back from a little break in Poland and feel desperately that I should post something...but what? I've yet to download my photos. So here's another little penguin - this one's quite a helpful chap and he's decorating the Christmas tree 4 months before Christmas, I've heard he likes to plan ahead.

Monday 9 August 2010

Wet dogs

Me and the bezzer went to visit our friend Casey in Stroud on Saturday. Casey has 3 dogs: Tucker, Ted and Phoebe. Being the true city girl that I am I took my handbag along on our wet and windy walk, good job really as I managed to take some nice shots of the groolies.

Ssssh! Phoebe is my favourite, just look at that face!!

Friday 6 August 2010

Let's think about penguins

Oh it's been a busy time lately, have been working hard for a trip my agent is about to go on and have combined this with a touch of wedding planning. My aim is get everything decoration wise made and sorted by September so I have 6 hopefully relatively stress free weeks in the run up to the wedding...although we still need to get David's suit - uh oh!

I can't think about that now, let's think about penguins. How I love to draw penguins, it's probably my most favourite part of my job. They always manage to cheer me up.


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