Thursday, 15 October 2009

I heart IKEA!

It may not be the coolest thing to admit but I absolutely love IKEA. Who cares if everyone's got the same sofa?! Although I do like to fill our house with vintage bits of pieces and the odd bit of vintage/retro/second hand furniture to stop me feeling like I have to walk around the house in a certain way and only eat meatballs for dinner (and a quick hot dog on the way out!)

Anyway, I was browsing the IKEA website the other night and came across these new ANNAMOA fabrics...oh my!

Now I'm desperately trying to think of where I can fit this fabric into the house...I already have loads of cushions made from this fabric range. Oh IKEA you really are spoiling us!


About said...

oh rachel...they're gorgeous prints! love the bird cage one especially.

lisa stubbs said...

I heart Ikea too!! and who wouldn't when there's these gorgeous fabrics on sale there!!


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