Friday, 26 February 2010

Page 248

I'm very excited and extremely honoured to share page 248 of the fantastic Print & Pattern book with you. I became a proud owner of a copy yesterday when I chased the delivery man down the street after being far too slow at answering the door (either that or he was being very impatient!)

It's so fantastic to be featured in such a beautiful book - and what a beautiful book it is! It's jam packed full of gorgeous designs from very talented people indeed. Including my lovely friend Beth who appears on page 52.

I think I'm possibly more excited about the contents page than anything else!


annasuz said...

Oh what beautiful designs - you are very talented. From your very proud and completely unbiaised Mother xx

tozie and teal said...

I've yet to make the late night date with Amazon to get the book, perhaps tonight will be the night. Well done Rachel

christina said...

aahh well done rachel, i bet that is a good feeling! next, your very own book! :) xx

Anonymous said...

Hello. I love your work. I've only just come across it now and just checked my P&P book for this page. Well done! Your blog is so lovely. Do you have a website too?

RahRah Repeats said...

Thanks Sarah, glad you like it! It's always nice to hear nice things! I don't have a website - just this little blog for now



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