Tuesday, 13 July 2010

And they're out!

Hurrah! Hurrah! Saturday was an exciting day for me as I sent out our wedding invitations. Everyone should have received them by now so I can finally share my designs with you. At first I was quite nervous about the task of designing the invites. As well as wanting to represent us as a couple, our tastes and the feel of our wedding, I also felt I had the added pressure of how I wanted to represent myself as a designer. But that's just a personal (perfectionist) thing of mine.

I'm so pleased with the finished result. We're having an autumnal wedding with pie and mash, ginger cocktails* and pale ale. I think the invite represents the general theme of the day pretty well. I've loved designing these and so glad they're out now and I can concentrate on other wedding planning tasks - it's just over 3 months to go and we still don't have completed outfits!

Some little info cards for our guest with directions, gift list details etc

The RSV...Pie card (David's idea - well done David!) means our guests can choose what lovely Pieminister pie they'd like to eat. We first had these pies at End of the Road Festival in 2008 and said at the time 'if we ever get married, this is what we'll have for the meal'

* Specific recipe to be finalised

Lovely Chris and Richard at ibrow media printed the invites for me and they've done a great job!


monda-loves said...

pie and mash sounds fab. We might go for fish chips and mushy peas (and gravy) at our wedding reception in the evening - if we can stuff it in after a cream tea that is!


Lucy Joy said...

ooh they look fab!! don't worry, it will all come together in the last 2 weeks!!! we were still making all the table decorations a few days before! xx


Your invites are wicked!! My boyfriend will absolutely LOVE your pie and mash idea if I tell him about it too, brilliant :)

RahRah Repeats said...

thanks everyone!

Lucy, how was your wedding? We will be seeing some photos on Emma's blog?



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