Wednesday, 28 July 2010

A little sample

It's always nice to receive a sample of how my artwork has been used so I was delighted to receive this the other day from Design Design.

They've done such a great job - I especially love how it's been printed on a lovely recycled stock and comes with a brown envelope, just my sort of thing! I'm very very proud to have my name on the back.
Luckily for me they've sent quite a few and I happen to know of two very important babies due at the end of the they'll be receiving a special card from Aunty* Rachel when they arrive.

* Not technically an aunty to either one but I'm going to to encourage the name!

They've done a really nice job of artworking the inside of the card

1 comment:

Ria Hill said...

ooh! Well done Aunty bestie. Wish I was having a baby now so I could get one of these!


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