Thursday, 23 June 2011

The boy did good

It was my birthday on Tuesday and David excelled himself by getting me my most favourite present...perhaps ever (although I did get a Lite-Brite for Christmas once which I was quite partial to)

Being a touch Mad Men obsessed, I said a while a go I wanted a pen necklace like Joan wears. Not only did he actually listen to me, he got me one. But it was even better than that - he actually got me a 1959 silver automatic pencil, had a loop and a chain put on it and had it engraved with my brand new initials.

He also got me a Mad Men book. Oh I heart that man.


Unknown said...

That's a lovely present! Well done David! x

About said...

I'm very impressed with this! its perfect! Hope your aches have gone now.x

Pocketful of Patterns said...

Awwww....isn't he a lovely hubby! Hope you had a gorgeous day...did you get any pie??!!


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